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Sabrina Y. Wang
Sabrina Y. Wang

General Manager / Chief Instructor / TESOL Global Member

Sabrina Y. Wang known as ‘Instructor Sa’ has been in the test prep training business since 2008. Her diverse work background in arts and business administration enables her to perform exceptionally well in education for she is able to connect the practical knowledge acquired from working for Fortune 500 companies with the learning or preparation for college exams.

The most interesting characteristic of this instructor is the way she excels in different trades. Therefore, she is capable of differentiating differences or similarities between things and of identifying quickly the connections between two. She is also very adept at distinguishing the nature of an event, making her good at analogy or comparison. These abilities are exceptionally important in the test prep training for they are key elements for critical thinking in both tests and school work.

Most importantly, she enjoys spending time writing in a Starbucks and is most productive there. She foresees a possibility of writing a book in connection with Starbucks someday in the future.

Her teaching subjects are writing and logical reasoning in GMAT and GRE. Apart from that, sentence structure, reading and writing in SAT also fall into her specialty. She also teaches four parts in TOEFL.

Helena Huang
Helena Huang

Senior Consultant & TESOL Member
Courses: New Concept 2 & 3
Identifying Sentence Errors in SAT

Helena has been in the education business for more than 15 years. She worked as an English instructor in a community college for years before becoming a consultant for overseas college entry. She is considered one of the bests in her field in local market for her excellent communication skills together with a good sense of responsibility. Being able to provide reasonable and customized plan for a student, she has closed many successful applications and has won the trust of a great deal of students and their families.

Summer Qi
Summer Qi

Senior Instructor

Graduating from Law School of Minnesota Twin City, Summer holds a LLM degree. Her specialty lies in writing and listening. Having more than three years of experience in teaching TOEFL and IELTS, she has formed her own unique teaching style in which she is able to stimulate students to strive for good performances. Moreover, she is an expert in astrology and that gains her popularity in and out the classroom.

Stacy Jiang

Certified by ETS
Courses: Reading & Writing in TOEFL & IELTS
Sentence Structure and Writing in SAT, ACT and GMAT

Receiving a degree of B.A. in Advertising from one the best universities in China, Xiamen University, Stacy became an instructor of Test Prep by coincidence. She has been engaging in providing trainings to college applicants for more than four years and feels great about this job. She enjoys helping students to achieve desired scores and would work with them for good results in everyway possible.

She also believes that a successful learning experience comes from good communication. It is equally important for an instructor to understand the problems, obstacles or desires of students in trainings. Hence, she has been devoting herself in apprehending these issues through observations in class and extra communication out of class.

She loves language learning and has mastered to a certain degree of a second language, Korean, due to a year trip to South Korea for Communication Science study in Konkuk University. She would be delighted to teach one some communication levels of Korean and would provide useful tips for the trip if one wishes to go.

Max Wang
Max Wang

Assistant to GM

Majoring in Movie Editing in college, Max is an ideal person to assist with the affairs of marketing and publicity for Xiucheng Co. She is also the editor and writer for some of the articles in the public media of Xiucheng.

She grows with the company and assists organizing many important events. She contributes greatly to every piece of article or information running under the platform of Xiucheng.

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