Main Training Divisions
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Corporate Training

The unique advantage that our company enjoys in these trainings is our ability to combine the academic knowledge with the skills required by real world business operations. The company incorporates the knowledge and ability taught by business schools in the U.S. with interesting presentations and discussions to help employees, especially management officers, gain practical skills in a short time. The trainings are refreshing and professional. They are great courses to take to upgrade ones’ know-hows in real operations and to enhance their analytical skills.


Acting as an English instructor, Ms. Wang participated in a one-week training for the elites from all regions of Guangxi Industrial & Commercial Bank of China in 2014. The training aimed at improving international competence of language communication of managers in all branches in ICBC, Guangxi region.



In 2011, Ms. Wang organized a role play training for Nanning Branch of Amway (China) Co., Ltd. to provide on the spot practices for English speaking.


Test Prep

Test prep trainings are the main business in the daily operation of Xiucheng company. Most of our strength and resources have been allocated for this sector. Our main strength in teaching lies in exams required by colleges admission in the U.S. and Canada. Our teaching scope covers tests from entry of high school to graduate school, such as SSAT, SAT, ACT, GMAT, and GRE.

All of our instructors have been in the test prep business for over 4 years and have formed their styles and branch of knowledge. Some of our instructors have conducted research in the tests and have written books of subjects of interest to show their years of experience.


  • SAT


    The training of this course mainly deals with official sample questions. Any acquired abilities from the training for the test prep is developed by practicing these questions. Detailed trainings would involve the study of classifications of different reading materials, the explanation of framework of a reading, the synonym and antonym, and strategies or reasoning required for filling sentences.
    Test prep materials come from both local and overseas, but are used according to the interpretation and experience of an instructor. It is very likely that a traditional reading book, such as New Concept English, is applied to improving speaking ability or writing ability, depending on its level and the level of a student.
    While the team sets the teaching on the base of official sample questions, it also encourages an extension of reading into distinct topics or fields to acquire broader knowledge.
    Meanwhile, it further enhances the study with analytical or critical thinking to help students to find a way that suits their own study or style.

  • GRE


    This course is conducted mostly on ONE on ONE basis. Most of the training is focused on practices and analysis of official questions. Test prep materials come from different sources, such as official guide, influential writers, online practices, overseas publishing houses. The instruction of this course is based on the practice and discretion of an experienced individual instructor.
    In light of the fact that this test sets high demand for reasoning ability, the analytical part has been treated the most important study in teaching. Accordingly, the assigned instructor to this course must show good command in this area. Meanwhile we do require a potential student to show a score of over 80 in TOEFL or demonstrate similar level of English competence to enter this course.

  • GMAT


    Training students to form their own study style and problem solving ability is the core activity in class. The main focus is on the five parts of this test, namely reading, writing, logical reasoning, sentence correcting and math calculating. A capture of the essence of these parts is conducted through practices both online and offline. Our specialty lies in the planning of the study from a more comprehensive and detailed position. This plan includes which test prep book to study, which part to study, how to schedule time for each part, how to properly conduct an online practice, and which vocabulary book to use. In addition, we are very versed with the writing and logical reasoning sections and scores from past trainings proved that we can help students to achieve impressive grades in a very short time frame.



    There is an assessment before the start of training to better design each part of the course and assign proper instructors. This evaluation also helps to determine how long the training should be to match the desired score asked by a student. The most obvious advantage of this training is that there are many good test prep materials available. There are enough practices for a student who wishes to try the real test for several times. There is another feature in our training which is the after-class closeness established between instructors and a student. Depending on the communication, some of our instructors would be willing to follow up and check the practice of a student after a class. This practice is not required but proves to be very helpful because it extends the study after class and provides a student with more time interacting with the teachers about academic issues.



    The key to win in IELTS test is to keep a close eye on the most updated trends of the test and try to accumulate past questions and predict the chances of them in the coming test. On top of it, a successful IELTS instructor must have certain knowledge about the preference of this particular test or the examiners.
    Based on these special requirements, we especially assigned certain instructors in our team to focus on this test and to predict as well as to get to know the patterns of thinking or answers. Another important issue for the tackling of this exam is that it lies emphasis on testing students about culture and life in England. Therefore, a study of culture and custom becomes necessary.

  • New Concept English

    New Concept English

    The team uses these four classical books to teach fundamental courses to pave the road to TOEFL or IELTS. They are very practical and can be used for both academic and casual study. Even though, these books are originally produced to improve reading and vocabulary, our team can apply some of them into speaking or writing practices.
    Past trainings proved that the better a student learns from these fundamental courses, the better score they can acquire later on in TOEFL or IELTS tests.

Consulting for DIY College Admission

College admission DIY is the newly established sector. This business has just been introduced to students in June, 2016. However, the company is not new to this particular sector since the college admission is in the same business line with test prep trainings. Our company has been dealing with experts in college application since the day it was established and has been maintaining cooperation with them ever since.
This sector aims to provide students with more effective service and information before and after their test prep phases. A successful admission as well as a customized service for college application usually starts with a constructive consulting with an admission expert.

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