Company Introduction

Xiucheng education consulting company was established in 2010 aiming at providing high quality education, practical trainings and professional advices for overseas college admission. The business has been operated by a team of professionals with diverse background and specialties in law, math, economics, education, writing as well as media communications. These experienced trainers and advisors have contributed greatly to the reputation and credibility of the company, and have established their teaching styles and formed their branch of knowledge. Therefore, we are proud to say that students get to know us through word of mouth. We are also pleased to see that many of our students have recommended their peers to us. Some even returned to our instructors to continue their learning of college courses after they had finished their trainings or had received satisfactory scores for college entry.

On top of academic excellence, the business has gained its leading place in training in the local market by demonstrating passions and seriousness about teaching. The company strongly believes that education business should be performed by placing Education as the priority but Business or profits as second. Our professionals teach enthusiastically not only for the exams but also for the forming of a good study or reading habit. By the same token, our instructors not only help students with getting the right answers, but also improve ability or efficiency that exams demand.

In short, the company trains students to successfully tackle an exam but not to pass one.

Convictions in Education

— An education that blends culture with education and incorporates academic study into language teaching.

— A teaching strategy that emphasizes academic excellence in the preparation of tests.

— A learning that strives for an exceptional score but acquires more than just a mark.

Main Strategies in Teaching

— Giving prominence to the fostering of a good reading manner;

— Encouraging an increase of vocabulary through reading;

— Highlighting the importance of a clear understanding in reading;

— Supporting a development of analytical and reasoning ability through philosophy studying and reading;

— Being the first to propose a writing concept in “Building Blocks for Your SAT Essay” to boost writing performance in teaching;

Social Interactions

1. Ms. Sabrina Y. Wang had her first book Building Blocks for Your SAT Essay published in 2015. This test prep book shows a combination of years of experience and adept use of English of Ms. Wang. Her intention of guiding the students to writing through interesting processes and organized techniques is successfully presented in it. A comprehensive pool of sample topics together with creative guidance of writing makes the task easy and captivating.


2. Acting as an English instructor, Ms. Wang participated in a one-week training for the elites from all regions of Guangxi Industrial & Commercial Bank of China in 2014. The training aimed at improving international competence of language communication of managers in all branches in ICBC, Guangxi region.


3. In 2014, Ms. Wang was interviewed by one of the local publications to provide opinions in a special feature on how to act as an international citizen in a fast developing community in China. She expressed that every citizen in the community should start to do something in his/her power to make a difference and to impact others. She held the idea that an international citizen of today’s world is someone who sets an example for others to follow.


4. In 2013, Ms. Wang was invited to give a speech in a seminar of A Glance of Europe & America organized by the Overseas Graduates Club of Guangxi. She shared her experiences and opinions through different aspects and issues, such as test prep, school application, studying and living abroad, job hunting, researching for a company to work for, preparation for return, and things alike.


5. From 2011 to 2012, Ms. Wang had received many interview requests from an educational column in a local newspaper and provided her share of opinions in issues related to test prep and school application, contributing insightful and practical comments to local students.


6. In 2011, Ms. Wang organized a role play training for Nanning Branch of Amway (China) Co., Ltd. to provide on the spot practices for English speaking. There are six instructors from England, Hong Kong, and local, who interacted with over 20 students in the demonstration room of Amway Nanning. The designed situations for practices were reading flight information, passing through security, asking for information or directions, looking for information desk, checking luggage, solving problems occurred on the spot, etc.


7. November 21, 2015, Xiucheng Co. held a non-profit social activity of sharing the movie “Beauty & the Beast” to kinds in Five Moment Coffee, a local book store. This sharing was to encourage parents in China to watch classical movies with kids and discuss them afterwards. It also delivered a message of “Doing things together with Kids”. >> More Pictrues.

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