Sabrina Y. Wang known as ‘Instructor Sa’ has been in the test prep training business since 2008. Her diverse work background in arts and business administration enables her to perform exceptionally well in education for she is able to connect the practical knowledge acquired from working for Fortune 500 companies with the learning or preparation for college exams.

Writings of Sabrina
Maleficent 1

Are fairy tales for little kids? Fairy tales seem simple and beautiful, but these simple and dreamy stories contain profound philosophical significance. They inadvertently awaken people's hearts that... More >>

Beauty in ordinary

Some people ask me why I can not see the beauty in the ordinary. I would like to ask why people are crazy about Ferrari, the automobile? Some may say that THE car per se is an art of engineering. Oth... More >>


When one says that “beauty is in the eyes of a beholder.”, the person does not really refer to beauty but desire. Desire can come in a different form which caters to a particular need of that perso... More >>

Some thoughts about Westward, American • The Story of Us

When history is revealed, it seems that every episode along the timeline involves fights and blood, and every wining is at the cost of lives. It is true that the spirit of America is its faith in fig... More >>

Toefl writing VS speaking material is recommended

Some thoughts to share about the movie "Hugo " by Sabrina Y. Wang Hugo (Hugo Cabret), a Martin Scorsese film, puts in the picture a story of an orphan boy who lives in the Gare Montparnasse Railways... More >>

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