Sabrina Y. Wang known as ‘Instructor Sa’ has been in the test prep training business since 2008. Her diverse work background in arts and business administration enables her to perform exceptionally well in education for she is able to connect the practical knowledge acquired from working for Fortune 500 companies with the learning or preparation for college exams.

Resigning from the height of splendor in stage performing arts and giving up more occasions to travel overseas for performing, Sabrina chose to receive English language training in Beijing Foreign Studies University, which is arguably the best foreign language university in China. She was 19 that year and her communication skill in English was just a bit better than poor. The choice was not an easy one because it required guts to face uncertainties and determinations to walk through difficulties occurred on the road of change.

At the age of 22, she got her first job, as an office assistant at Italian Commercial Bank, Beijing Representative Office. The success of acquiring this job showed two important qualities of her at that time. First, she made a successful change of career. Second, she outperformed graduates applying for this job from top universities in China.

Later, she took an offer from Xerox (China) Ltd., Headquarter in Greater China, Beijing, to work as the Assistant to the General Counsel and started to gain experience in legal issues. Due to the demanding nature of this job, she acquired systematic knowledge and trainings in writing and contracts.

Sabrina moved to New York City with her ex-husband in 1998 and started college study at the age of 26. Before study in City College, CUNY, she worked part time in an immigration law office as paralegal. Wendy Deng, the former wife of Rupert Murdoch, was one of the important clients to this law firm.

She started to get involved in Test Prep education in 2008, by working as a part time instructor for Global IELTS in Nanning City, her home town. In 2010, she founded Xiucheng Education Consulting Co., Ltd. Since then, she has prepared many students for college entry exams and helped them achieve satisfactory scores. Some of the students are alumni of Syracuse University, Pennsylvania State University, Purdue University, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, University of Illinois, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Johns Hopkins University, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, etc.

Some of these students received high scores in very short time frame of training. An example is a GMAT student who obtained 5.5/6 in writing in the first test after 10 hours tutoring. She came with a background of Band 6 /9 in writing in IELTS.

In year 2010, Sabrina has her first book Building Blocks for Your SAT Essay published.

  • Siemens Certificate
  • Siemens Certificate
  • Siemens Certificate
  • Siemens Certificate
  • Siemens Certificate
  • Siemens Certificate
  • Siemens Certificate
  • Siemens Certificate
  • Siemens Certificate
Professional Training

1999:Microsoft Certificate of Networking Essentials

2005:Siemens Certificate of SPIRIDON

2005:Siemens Certificate of Contract Law

2005:Siemens Certificate of Contract Law Advance

2005:Siemens Certificate of Accounting for Commercials

2006:Siemens Certificate of Asset Management

2006:Siemens Certificate of Achieving Finance & Controlling Excellence

2007:Siemens Certificate of International Trade

2007:Siemens Certificate of Negotiation Skills

Work Experience

Vestas Wind Technology (Beijing)
No.1 in Modern Energy. A world’s leading supplier of wind power solutions.

Position: Assistant Contract Manager

Department: Contract/Bid/Risk Management
Report Line: Me -> Contract Manager of Project Team -> Project Director -> General Manager of Vestas China
Key Responsibilities: Contract review

Project experience:
I was in Contract Team and was in charge of a couple of projects including both the on-going ones and the incoming ones. Among them, the Hongji Project in Inner Mongolia was an incoming one, which I had the chance to deal with from the beginning of the project. It has a total value of around 1 billion RMB. My duty was to analyze and reduce risks on behalf of project team for issues related to foundation, installation, test runs, reliability, project handover, on site safety, guarantee warranty, defaults, liabilities, project insurance… For the on-going projects from the previous years, I was constantly required to solve issues involved invoices issuing, on site project emergencies, contract amendments and order adjustments.


Siemens Ltd., China, Guangzhou Branch
Siemens, headquartered in Berlin and Munich, is one of the world's largest electrical engineering and electronics companies. I was working at one of its largest business units, Automation & Drive, which is also the most dominant business of Siemens. It has a 23 ranking in Fortune 500 2006.


Position: Controller of Business Administration
Department: Business Administration (or Finance) Led by CFO
Reporting Line: me-> Commercial Manager of Region South -> CFO
Key Responsibilities:
• Expense & budget control of Guangxi & Jiangxi Regions
• International & domestic Contract as well as agreement drafting, executing and negotiation
• Financial and sales cost reporting and analyzing
• Budget planning and compliance


Project experience:
• The size of projects I involved in ranged from a couple of million RMB to millions of USD or Euro with contract value from as small as a little over a million RMB to 0.5 million USD • Major responsibilities are:
1.Legal, financial issues and authorization statement preparing and gathering for Tendering; Contract negotiation in terms of commercial issues, risk management, internal cash flow, account receivable, payment terms, liquidated damages, liability, Incoterms…
2.Commercial contract drafting and wording modification in both Chinese and English
3.Contract execution
4.Financial instrument issuing, for example, performance bond, warranty guarantee, domestic letter of credit, draft at sight, time draft…


Key achievements:
• Successfully in convincing all of my customers to use Siemens standard contract version in the years of my employment.
Case: The joint venture of Shanghai Wu Lin Automobile and General Motor in Guangxi and its Qingdao Branch, was convinced by me to use our contract version instead of following the Global Agreement signed between GM Corp. and Siemens AG in which Siemens AG was appointed by GM as the global supplier for certain products with restrictions to terms and conditions specified accordingly and obligations to abidance of such a contract.


Chen, Lin, Li & Jiang LLP (Law Offices)
An immigration & litigation law office incorporated by partnership in New York City.
Position: Paralegal
Department: Administration

Key Responsibilities:
• Mostly involved in litigation, mortgage closing, divorce, visa application

document translation & preparation
• Court case filing in City Hall
• Case investigation and client interviewing
• Filing and coordination with National Immigration & Service Office


Xerox (China) Ltd., Beijing China
A wholly owned U.S. corporation mainly engaged in copy machine manufacturing and selling business. It was famous for its constant technology innovation by the Palo Alto Research Center in the U.S. It was the first copy company to proclaim the idea of a paper-less office.

Position: Paralegal/Assistant to the General Counsel
Report Line: me-> General Counsel
Department: Legal  

Key Responsibilities:
• Drafted resolutions, contracts, leases, deeds, permits, public bid and construction and other legal documents 
• Collected information from various departments for the preparation of contracts and other legal documents
• Prepared reports, correspondence and memoranda of law and other documents for the General Counsel

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