Sabrina Y. Wang known as ‘Instructor Sa’ has been in the test prep training business since 2008. Her diverse work background in arts and business administration enables her to perform exceptionally well in education for she is able to connect the practical knowledge acquired from working for Fortune 500 companies with the learning or preparation for college exams.

Academic Writings with the Assistance of Sabrina
Labor Law Vs Moral Principles

No manager can avoid making decisions in related to ethical principles in one’s experience at work. Much as we wish to find a way to satisfy both, Laws and Ethical principles or Individual and Company, we, in reality, are not given a balance between two conflict issues under discussion. I have come to see this truth when I was in charge of Human Resources Department at Hong Tai Enterprise in its initial phase of establishment. Problem started with a suspected theft incident reported by our property management department. Even though the missing of some cash in an office did not make a day unexpectedly thorny for a HR manager, it became a dilemma when I found out that the suspect was pregnant for seven months.

Personal Statement

“The offer is one million USD for the residential house and they expected to make the sale very soon” said Vincent on the phone, my Partner at Hong Tai Enterprise in Shenzhen, China. I asked myself how much should we borrow to finance this FIRST deal? what is the proper debt/capital ratio for our current company structure? According to the available capital, I need to borrow more than two third of a million USD, while I do not know how soon our company will be able to resell this property after renovation. And there goes more costs…

Application of Grey Verhulst Model to Commercial Flights at the Macao International Airport

Abstract—In order to prove the development disciplines for commercial flights and improve airport services at the Macao international airport, according to data from March 2012 to February 2013, Verhulst model, as one of Grey System theory, is applied to commercial flights. The prediction model for commercial flights is made by Verhulst method and then checks precision of prediction model in this research. The outcomes indicate that there is a higher prediction precision for commercial flights at the Macao international airport. So Verhulst is an effective way for prediction in commercial flight. Moreover, a regression model confirms the closed relationship between commercial flights and visitors from Republic of Korea. Managers at the airport can learn to predict tendency and improve management from this research. The research also provides the important references for other.

Moon Light Perfuse on Lotus Pond

The significance of learning to read and write had never occurred to me until middle school. I guess it was about time that these two subjects started to show their value in my education after years of accumulation of knowledge from school’s curriculum. The change started from this essay “Moon Light Perfuse on Lotus Pond” in my 9 th . Grade Chinese class and the person who fueled the transformation was Ms. Yang, Liu, the Chinese teacher in the same class.

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