Sabrina Y. Wang known as ‘Instructor Sa’ has been in the test prep training business since 2008. Her diverse work background in arts and business administration enables her to perform exceptionally well in education for she is able to connect the practical knowledge acquired from working for Fortune 500 companies with the learning or preparation for college exams.

Building Blocks for Your SAT Essay


189 Sample Topics
10 Classifications of 189 Sample Topics
12 Classical Cases for Multiple Quotations
Quotations for 10 Classifications
Useful Expressions & Sentences
Hands-on Practices
Writing Methods Applicable to TOEFL, IELTS, ACT, GRE, etc.


Building Blocks for Your SAT Essay by Sabrina Y. Wang is an outstanding production in test preparation materials. The book displays a wide range of features, such as practicability, pertinency, diversity, progressiveness, proactivity, and interestingness. The author applies these attributes to the tackling of SAT essay writing through the idea of providing building blocks (the essential materials for building a theme park, which is the essay .), making the essay writing easy, interesting and effective.

--- Chengqiang Tan
President of Sino-Canadian International College

What is Building Blocks?

If various essay topics in SAT writing can be viewed as the requirements to build different parks - theme park, amusement park or national park, building blocks can be described as relevant cases, famous quotations, useful expressions and sentences. The landscapes of a park depend on what type of blocks to be used. Thus, they determine whether a visitor would stay longer to appreciate it or just take a quick tour. A visitor to a park is just as a reader to a SAT essay. In this case, building blocks are the keys to a successful writing of an essay.

It is important to develop a sense of writing!

The key concept of this book is not only to tackle SAT but also to help the readers to create a sense of writing. It is extremely important for a potential writer to understand the significance of framework, the function of a paragraph, the effective use of a case or a quotation, the relationship between a conclusion and supporting details and the things alike in a piece of writing work. Therefore, this book is actually created on the principle of a systematic writing from a more comprehensive and creative standpoint. The author also quotes a great deal of references from the websites of Hong Kong university and Purdue University.

Words After Publication

There is an old saying in Chinese that it requires three elements for a task to be successfully finished, namely timing, the right place and favorable connections.

My timing for the first book Building Blocks for Your SAT Essay to be born was that when everyone around was busy with getting married or having a baby, I was single for a long time and had nothing else to be busy with but to write a book.

Nanning city is a nice place to live. It is not that exciting comparing with New York City, in which I spent five years. However, it was probably the less crowded and excited life here in Nanning provided me with a time to read and reflect. For a decade I live like a foreigner in a far distant land, missing NYC as if it were my hometown. If not for this time, I would not have been able to sit down and read, and to discover my potentials of being a writer.

The talent in writing has been in my blood and was first discovered when I was seven years old. One of my essays was highly appraised by my Chinese teacher and was sent to a local newspaper for publication by the school, but for some reasons it did not get printed. During the years of teaching test prep courses in Nanning city, I have discovered my other good qualities related to expressions of a language and skills in writing.

When both timing and the right place have occurred, the missing piece will soon be in place if a task is doomed to be completed. I was totally new to the publishing business. I started to make calls to different publishing houses after the book was finished, without thinking if it fit their demand or not, or what to do if not. Yet, things went unbelievably well. The third publishing company I talked to agreed to do the publishing. The other two companies, McGraw Hill and China Machine Press, put forward some requirements and offered certain suggestions for improvement. Even if I was not able to satisfy their preconditions at that time, I was happy about the experience acquired and the great suggestions offered.

The most fruitful experience about this publishing was that I got to deal with interesting things and professionals in a different trade which I found to be extremely fascinating. There are specialists in printing, editing, designing. The contributions from them were highly skillful and beautiful. The book was produced by a team of great specialists and it bears marks of knowledge and the best performance from diverse fields. I was so proud of being a part of this production.

While I am writing this piece of account, China Machine Press called to discuss an interest of me writing a book for another test prep subject, GMAT. I am looking forward to my second book in year 2016.

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